Hi all, as I want to clear the air and make sure no false rumours are spread throughout the server, I want to clarify what happened yesterday regarding one of our moderators.

As you might know, StormyModez is no longer part of The BootHill staff. Without showing disrespect towards him the Staff team and I decided that it was in the servers best interest to part ways.

Stormy misused his mod powers to ‘get back’ at the ones he felt wronged by. While taking action and making these decisions was part of Stormy’s job, we felt that the bans he issued and the players he kicked (sometimes repeatedly) during an admins absence were an abuse of power. Therefore we have reverted the bans he had issued during that night, and will take steps towards preventing an abuse of power like this again.

Please refrain from gossiping about the events that transpired. This is not beneficial for the community nor for Stormy.

That being said, we are looking in to a new rank that will help the staff team tremendously decrease their workload. More information about this will be sent out shortly.


Take care and stay safe. My sincirest apologies for any grievances you as a player might have experienced last night.