The Boothill

Heyo! It’s great that you’re showing interest in The Boothill!
Let us tell you  about ourselves:

Our Community

We are a server that’s built on the community. That means that we don’t aim to be the next big server that rakes in hundreds of players at once, we want to be a small friendly community.
Within the Boothill you will find like-minded people that are all aiming to have fun and co-create an amazing experience.


Where’s the fun in playing by yourself? Feel like the big Minecraft servers are, well… too big? Join a smaller community! We’ve integrated the Minecraft server with Discord, so you can chat with in-game players from your Discord app without opening Minecraft! So even when you don’t have the time to play, you can still have a chat while on commute, while watching TV or while sitting on the toilet.


We know joining a new community can be daunting, so we’re here to help you get started! Keep in mind that we’re an open group of friends. The Boothill is a PvE-focused server. Most of the regular players are friends and know each other well. Take your time, get to know us. Want to become a full part of the server? Apply for building privileges! From there on out, the world opens up to you.