Heya peoples, some of you might already know, some might not. We asked for moderators and our community delivered! I request a warm applause for our new mod Incrediblebob! I will leave the rest of this post to him:


Hey people of The Boothill.

I’ve applied for the position of moderator and part of that application is to produce an opening statement should I be accepted, so here it is…right here… just about to start any moment now….

<Title here>
Since I’ve joined The Boothill I’ve seen the server and community go from strength to strength, and seen the work both Blur & Thanks put in to ensure our time on the server is as enjoyable as possible.
I would like to contribute to this server and the community, and I believe becoming a moderator would be a fantastic way to do this. I already support the server monthly as I really do like the way it is run, and here I am, wanting to do more.

As some of you might have noticed, I like to help out where I can, with knowledge, items and anything I can offer. I never do this for something in return, I just really like to help people, and watch them progress their game. My hope is that a friendly, happy server will keep people here week after week, and this is my small part in making that happen.

I’ve started a few simple guides that I hope to finish in the next few weeks (time permitting), such as getting started with ae2 processor automation (pre ME system), Bob’s simple mob farm and some more yet to be named guides. I’m hoping these will contribute to the community on the server and keep the players happy and moving forward towards any goals they have set.

Should I be accepted as a moderator, I promise to stay the same bob I’ve always been, just a bob with better troubleshooting tools!

A thought to close on: Why do we speak with British accents, when we’re from outer space and there is no Britain?

Do not underestimate the power of the Thumb.