How do I chat with players from outside the game?

If you want to get a heads-up on your whitelist application, keep in contact with players while not playing Minecraft or just need a good chat, you should join our Discord. Discord is a browser chat service with a desktop and mobile client that allows players to talk with each other as well as easily get support from Staff. Sign up today to start chatting with us!

Join by clicking here.

What do the colored names mean?

If a player donates to the server they receive a colored name as a donation benefit. The colors are just that, decorative!

If you want your own fancy color:
Become a Patron!

Do note that there are chat tags for staff members and donors as well.
[A] is for Admin
[M] is for Moderator

How does chunkloading work on The Boothill servers?

Feel free to chunkload your bases. Please do be smart about it and try not to build laggy setups. If your builds become an issue, we will have to break parts of it to improve server stability and speed.

To chunkload works different per modpack.

Try this first: Open your inventory and navigate to the map on the top left. From there, you can click on the chunks you want to claim and shift-click on the chunks you want to keep loaded.

How do I protect my base?

Use the FTB Utilities’ team and chunk claiming functionality. For information on how to do that, follow the FTB Utilities Quick Guide

Why isn't spawn protected

We rely on the community to build a nice server spawn. Team up with each other player and make a spawn with a market place or some basic starter farms.

We encourage community builds and spawn will always be accessible with the /spawn command.

What commands do I have?

All players have access to /sethome <name> and /home to navigate back to their bases. You only get to set one home, so choose wisely.

Players also get a free teleport to /spawn, where we want to encourage the build of a marketplace. This way trading will become easy!
Move to a random location without… moving! Use /rtp!

Our $5 Patreons get access to change their nicknames with /nick. Please contact a staff member to receive your perks.

Other commands are:
/info –
Information about the server
/list –
Who’s online?
/motd – Trigger the Message of the Day
/rules –
What are the rules again?
/unstuck –
Get unstuck!
/ignore <username> –
Ignore a user in chat
/sendmail <username> –
Message a user that’s offline. They will receive the message when they log in!
/helpop –
Get help. Now.
/suicide –
Get help. Now.
/realname –
Is that person using a nickname, or is this his real name?
/rtp –
Teleport to random location.

Why don't you have x plugin

/tpa (Teleporting to other players)

You can meet other players at spawn. If you want to join someones team you will have to look them up in-game and walk over to their base. If you really want TPA, you could consider supporting the server, as the community decided this would be a good donation reward.

Economy/shop plugins

There are many mods that will offer trading goods between players. Things like the Trad-O-Mat, Forestry Trading Station, Vending Mod, the Railcraft Trade Station and many others.

If you have a plugin suggestion, feel free to send that in our #suggestion channel on Discord.