Heya peeps, please welcome @Sgt_Hankey to the mod team 🙂 You probably know the drill, so Ill leave the rest of this post to Hankey!


Hello, hello everyone!
So, a moderator I am. I have been with this community since early August, and I have enjoyed my time here. I hope not just to continue the good times, but to make them even better going forward.

Not better because of my adminhood, but better because this has always been my plan! My great scheme! We will have so much fun, if you want to. 🙂

This whole admin thing is just a neat little thing on the side. I will continue to strive to be a helpful and goofy dude, as I assume most of you have thought of me so far.

See you around on the server, and feel free to contact me for guidance about anything at all, at any time, as you were welcome to do before as well.

CEO of HankCo.tm
Luminary of The Keepers of Enlightenment
Jobless pleb with too much time on his hands :D: