Howdy people!

We’ve got some exciting news for you.
The Boothill is working on a custom modpack! Don’t worry, Enigmatica 2 is not going to disappear over-night… We’re still developing the pack.

However, YOU are able to test the pack out on our second server (Sponsored by the incredible mister Bob).

About the pack:
The modlist is not definitive. As we said, we are adding and removing mods left and right, seeing how they work and if we like them.
It’s a 1.15 modpack, meaning we have the latest addition of Minecraft: Bees! There are a lot of upsides to 1.15 and some temporary downsides (most famous mods haven’t been updated to 1.15 yet).
We have a few tech mods and one magic mod with a small amount of information available.

The complete modlist can be found on the curseforge modpack page here:

How to play
Download the modpack through the twitch/curse launcher (search for Boothill or Avalanche). Load the pack and join the server. The IP is already filled in for your convenience 🙂

Found a bug?
Report it in the #bugreport channel on Discord. Please try to be thorough, as “I found a bug with a bucket” isn’t something we can work with. Provide information and/or screenshots/crash logs if possible.

Too long, didn’t read:
New modpack in the making by The Boothill. Download it here:

The server IP is automatically set, and players who have been whitelisted on The Boothill (Enigmatica 2) will be able to log in to this server as well.
If a new user wishes to be whitelisted for this modpack then please contact the Boothill staff.