Modded Minecraft Whitelisted server!



Direwolf20 (1.12)

To join our Direwolf20 server you can connect to the IP:

The BootHill The server will be whitelist only. This is because we would like to be able to choose who joins us and who doesn’t. The idea is that the server will be for a mature audience. Also it avoids griefers and hackers from accessing the server.

If you want to be whitelisted, join us on Discord and apply in the #whitelist channel!



The same rules which are in-place on most of the whitelisted servers are in-place.

  • No exploiting blocks/tools/items in the mod-pack to bypass protections and cause deliberate grief.
  • If you do not know what a block/tool/item does, it is best NOT TO USE IT. Do some research or you may be seen as deliberately griefing.
  • Try to build big, exciting inventions away from spawn.
  • Avoid travelling between worlds too much as this could lag the server.


Be aware that anyone may be removed from the whitelist WITHOUT WARNING. This will NOT have been an accident and you are free to question why you were removed by sending staff a message on discord.


The moderation team for this server is VERY LIMITED. Why? Because it’s a whitelisted server with trusted people. Moderators will still be able to assist with some user management, but they will still be there playing the game with you, with absolutely no access to gamemode/God-mode or cheating their way through the mod-pack experience. Yes they can kick/ban you but they probably won’t…. maybe.


Download Feed The Beast here:

When the installer is downloaded, select the “FTB Presents Direwolf20 V2.5.0” and hop on!

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